The illustrations are examples of typical layouts which we can bring to life with a 3D model bespoke to your requirements. The recommended sizes are guides only based on a formal dining setting, with enough room for a bar.

7 x 12m


This marquee is perfect for intimate dinners or for use as a chill-out space. The 7/12 is great option as a party marquee, housing a bar + dancefloor and connected to a larger marquee by a covered walkway.

Recommended for: Up to 40 seated guests

7 x 18m


The 7/18 is perfect for smaller, intimate weddings for up to 80 guests for formal dining. It’s also a popular option for adding some sophistication to your ceremony, for all wedding sizes. Ceremony marquees can be separate for the main marquee or connected via a colonnade walkway.

Recommended for: Up to 80 seated guests

9 x 16m


The 9/16 is perfect for weddings of up to 120 guests for formal dining. The 9/16 can be customised to suit your seating arrangement and can be set up to include a bar and dance floor, or formal seating depending on your preference.

Recommended for: Up to 120 seated guests

9 x 23m


This marquee is our most popular option. It will comfortably seat 120 guests with room for a bar and dance floor. If your bar and dance floor are external, it will sit up to 180 guests at full seating capacity.

Recommended for: Up to 180 seated guests

9 x 30m


The 9/30 is our largest marquee. It will comfortably seat 160 guests with room for a bar and dance floor. As a seating-only option, it will seat up to 220 guests.

Recommended for: Up to 220 seated guests


The 7m and 9m round pavilions are perfect for hosting a bar or chill-out space separate to the main marquee. They can be connected via a colonnade walkway, or standalone.


Colonnades are the perfect way to join two or more marquees together, allowing your guests to move between them under cover. Covered walkways are great for connecting a ceremony marquee or cocktail area to the main marquee. A beautiful alfresco “courtyard’ space is created in-between.

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